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CBD Treats and Your Senior Pet

As your pet ages, it's crucial to find ways to provide extra support for their health and wellness. Dr. Becker's Bites are best-in-class dog treats specifically designed with seniors in mind!

Our unique formula of CBD supplements and best-in-class dog treats can help your senior pet stay healthy and active into their golden years. Here are four ways Dr. Becker's Bites can support your best friend! If you have any questions regarding CBD and your animal, contact us today, and we are happy to assist you.

senior dog

Joint and Muscle Support

CBD has proven to alleviate joint and muscle aches, which can be a major contributor to senior pet discomfort. Dr. Becker's best-in-class dog treats provide additional support for physical health and active wellness — ensuring that your four-legged companion remains in peak condition.

Senior cat sniffing donuts

Increases Appetite and Fights Nausea

Senior pets often experience a decrease in appetite as they age, leading to weight loss and other undesirable health outcomes. Dr. Becker's best-in-class dog treats contain natural CBD supplements that help stimulate appetite and fight nausea, helping your best friend stay healthy and well-nourished.

Senior man and dog paddle boarding together

Supports Cognitive Function

Due to aging, senior pets can experience a decline in cognitive functioning. Dr. Becker's best-in-class dog treats contain CBD supplements that can help protect brain cells and support cognitive function — helping your best friend stay sharp and alert.

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Improved Sleep

Give your pup the best sleep of their life with CBD! Dr. Becker has innovated pet treats and supplements that guarantee a restful night's sleep so they can enjoy all the daily adventures ahead. Feel relieved knowing you've provided them only top-notch products that offer superior quality.

Whether your senior pup is a small breed or large breed, Dr. Becker's Bites can help alleviate pain and keep them feeling their best! Try our best-in-class dog treats today and see how they can improve the health of your senior pet.

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