4 Nutritional Tips To Help Your Dog THRIVE

4 Nutritional Tips To Help Your Dog THRIVE

When it comes to ensuring that your four-legged best friend is healthy and happy, nutrition plays a huge role. That’s why it is so important to take into account what kinds of food you are feeding your pup. To help ensure that you can provide the best dietary options for your pup, the team at Dr. Becker's Bites is here with some nutritional tips to help your dog thrive. 

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Nutritional Tip 1: Look for Quality Ingredients 

When it comes to finding the best dog treats, always look for options that contain quality and natural ingredients. Avoiding any artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives is best for your pup’s health. At Dr. Becker's Bites we use only the best natural ingredients that are always human grade. 

Nutritional Tip 2: Watch Out for Sugars 

It is best to look for dog treats that contain little to no sugar. Dogs don't need added sugars, so it’s best to avoid treats with high concentrations of them. Our Dr. Becker's Bites products contain no added sugars at all, making them the best choice for your pup. 

Nutritional Tip 3: Choose Low-Fat Treats 

Treats with a high fat content can lead to obesity in dogs. For this reason, it’s best to choose treats that have low levels of fat and fillers. All of our Dr. Becker's Bites treats are low-fat and contain no fillers or by-products, making them a healthy choice for your best friend. 

Nutritional Tip 4: Homemade Dog Treats 

You can't go wrong when you opt for homemade dog treats. When you shop homemade, it's much easier to control aspects like sourcing, ingredient list, and portion control. If you are looking for homemade treats to feed your pup, our Dr. Becker's Bites treats provide a great alternative to more mainstream dog treats! 

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We hope that these nutritional tips can help ensure that your best friend is getting the best nutrition possible. Rest assured that your pup is getting all of the best nutrition they need and get the best dog treats for your four-legged family when you shop at Dr. Becker's Bites!
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