A Letter from the Mom of Dr. Becker's Bites | Happy New Year

A Letter from the Mom of Dr. Becker's Bites | Happy New Year


I’m thinking about the year past and the new year that lies ahead and I’m smiling with warm memories and anticipation.

I’d like to share a few of my favorite photos from the past year that help tell our family story. You may well have seen some of these photos before, while others may be new.

John, Blair and Karen went to Global early in the year: fun, hard work, new faces and meeting up with some of you.

John, Blair and Karen in Florida for Global Pet Expo

John added another rescued fur baby to his Pack and his daughter Mary (the last of six children) started her final year of high school.  John will experience the "empty nest" this year and I think he's looking forward to it!

John's latest addition to his Pack - Charlie


Ann’s youngest, Noah, started his senior year of high school as well. Her twins, Sam and Rachel, are juniors in college. All great students! And Ann and her husband Brett celebrated 30 years of marriage in June.

Ann's Children - Rachel, Noah and Sam


Karen traveled the globe: a TED talk in Mexico; featured speaker in Brazil; and a special invitation to Poland. Blair and she traveled together to Poland, stopping in London on their way home.

Karen speaking at Ted-X in Mexico


Blair took her family to Super Zoo, put them to work, then relaxed at Grandma and Grandpa’s home…stopping by the Grand Canyon on their way! Her family adopted Frank this year!

Blair's rescue for 2018 - Frank


My husband Jim is a really great guide (docent is the official term, I think) at Taliesin West, Frank Lloyd Wright’s west campus in Scottsdale. And I have learned to blog for Dr. Becker’s Bites, to post for Mama Becker’s page, and to deal with the steep learning curve of becoming computer savvy enough to do both. Oh, and we celebrated 55 years of marriage in September!

Me and my husband Jim - 55 years together!


That’s last year at a glance for our family. This new year, I anticipate raising the bar at Dr. Becker’s Bites, again! Not a new activity for us, since we believe that stagnation isn’t an option. We are looking at new opportunities and changes at the bakery. In fact, I got a message from John yesterday with a picture, captioned: “Renovation has started.” We are expanding the bakery and moving the office to what was formerly storage space.

Still my favorite family picture - The Beckers


I love change; I love continued improvements; I love new things; and I love that we have successfully grown, improved and expanded both personally and physically at Dr. Becker’s Bites.

And all of us here send you our warmest, heartfelt wishes for the very best that a new year can possibly offer.

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