An Inside Look at Positive Dog Training with Pet Treats

An Inside Look at Positive Dog Training with Pet Treats

Positive training is a means to train pets with rewards and ignore bad behavior. The idea is for a pet to associate receiving positive praise and awards with desirable behavior. Then, when unwanted conduct occurs, the act is ignored. There is no praise, no pet treat, nothing. After repeating this technique, your pet begins to comprehend specific actions lead to positive reinforcement. As a result, your pet will continue with the positive action solely to receive rewards. Let us take a closer look on why pet treats are a great way to implement this type of training.

Positive reinforcement training may be completed with toys, games and/or dog treats. However, there is an advantage to using treats over the other two methods. For instance, you are teaching a dog the “stay” command. You go through the proper training method, and the results are the dog stays. Immediately following, you interact in playtime with your pup. You use your dog’s favorite toy or game. It is a way to provide positive reinforcement.

The problem occurs when your pup takes too long to play or interact with the favorite game or toy taking away from the training lesson. It takes too long in-between lessons for it to stick. But if you use a treat, it is gone in a second and your pup is ready to be engaged again for the lesson to repeat itself until your pup understands the “stay” command.

Healthy, grain-free pet treats are a great tool to use when teaching your dog positive reinforcement. The treats will keep your pet engaged, interacting, and learning throughout the entire session. Try it out today.

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