Basic Feeding Guide for Adult Dogs

Basic Feeding Guide for Adult Dogs

Adult dogs need various nutrients to keep their body working properly, recover from injuries quickly and maintain energy. The key is to gauge how much energy is expended versus how much food is taken in. You do not want to overfeed your dog. It is a common problem amongst adult dog owners. Here is a basic guideline to follow regarding how often to feed an adult dog and why.

Working Dog Versus Lap Dog

A dog’s activity varies depending on the type of breed and personality of your dog. For instance, if your dog is a lap dog, then the amount of food needed to keep the level of activity is ten percent lower than what dog experts consider normal. If your dog runs with you every morning for miles, then your dog requires twenty to forty percent more than other dogs. Therefore, you have to adjust the feeding accordingly.

How Much is Too Much?

Once you factor in the above, you must decide what kind of feeding schedule you shall instill in your household. There are different kinds. There are timed, portion and free choice feeding methods. Each one serves a different purpose. If you are worried about your dog’s weight, and your dog tends to lie around, then portion control is a good method. If you are unsure, then feed your dog twice a day. It is easy. Just separate the amount suggested on the dog food label into two meals. Then dispense the food between eight and twelve hours apart. This is accurate if your dog is an active dog.

The tricky part comes in when deciding what type of feeding you shall implement with your adult dog. There are different kinds. We shall discuss that in part two. In the meantime, as I have said in prior posts, read labels. Be certain your dog is receiving nutrients needed to maintain a healthy lifestyle and diet. Find pet treats that contain 100% meat pet treats or resveratrol pet treats. Resveratrol will reduce the rate of cancer growth in dogs.

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