Chocolate and Dogs Do Not Mix

Chocolate and Dogs Do Not Mix


Chocolate is not a healthy pet treat. It is a lethal food product to dogs. It causes life-threatening complications. Here we take an inside look at chocolates, dogs and the symptoms to identify determining if further medical attention is needed.

Dogs Like Chocolate

Dogs become very addicted to chocolate, but it is not healthy for your canine. It produces fatal issues where recovery is a complete failure. So do not let your dog taste it any point. For just like an addict, if your dog tastes it, then your dog will sniff the house searching for more. Prevent this from occurring by never allowing your pup to taste it. Avoid the mishaps all together. However, if your dog does get a hold of it without your knowledge then here is a list of symptoms to watch out for.

Symptoms of Poisoning

In the beginning, your dog may only show digestive issues meaning diarrhea, uncontrollable bladder, and the inability to hold anything down. As time passes, more intense symptoms appear, such as rapid heart rate, muscle coordination loss, and increased blood pressure. So what should you do? First thing is call your veterinarian and inform him/her that you suspect your dog ate chocolate. Describe the symptoms and do as your vet instructs. If a little bit of chocolate was ingested, then your dog may be back to normal within twenty-four hours. Just be sure to explain, if known, how much chocolate or cocoa powder was absorbed giving your vet a better, thorough picture of what is occurring.

Instead of tempting your dog with chocolate, provide your canine with grain-free pet treats or delicious 100% meat dog treats. These treats have numerous benefits and your dog will love the taste.

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