How to Alleviate Dog Separation Anxiety

How to Alleviate Dog Separation Anxiety

Some dogs suffer from mild anxiety when separated from their owners. The dog exhibits nervousness instead of relaxation. Thus, there is a way to teach your dog when you are gone to be calm. Food is one way to attain this goal.

There are dog toys that you are able to stuff with pet treats. You can put whatever you like in it, and it takes the dog anywhere between fifteen and thirty minutes to get to the food. It can be in the form of a puzzle toy. This is a great way to keep the dog’s mind off the fact that you are not present. You utilize this technique by following a few simple rules.

First, every time you leave the house or your pup alone stuff the toy with a healthy dog treat. Then, when you leave, eventually, your dog will associate you leaving with a positive experience. The key is not to have this toy out during any other time. Only use it when you leave the dog alone. It helps ease the anxiousness associated with you being gone and replaces it with a happy, serene thought.

Alternatively, if you took out the stuffed toy with treats during any other time, it defeats the purpose. The dog needs to make a connection regarding you not being home equaling relaxation and delicious pet treat time.

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