How to Choose the Right Dog Food

How to Choose the Right Dog Food

When you stroll down a pet food aisle, it is easy to become overwhelmed by all the choices. There are 100% natural, protein packed, grain-filled, organic ingredients, fillers, no fillers and more. What does it all mean? What should a dog owner look for in a reputable, nutritious and delicious tasting pet food? Here is a basic guideline on how to find the right food for your pet.

Look for Grain-Free Ingredients

Aim for a grain-free product. If a dog food has grains, then it may not consist of enough protein. Dogs are built to eat protein. Their bodies need it to function properly, and if a food is packed with grains, then your dog is receiving too many carbohydrates and not enough nutrients. Check the labels and make sure the first five ingredients are packed with protein and not gluten products.

In addition, remember cats and dogs cannot digest plant protein in the same manner as chicken, beef and fish. Therefore, you want to make sure the protein in the ingredients is real meat. It will help your dog or cat live a healthy, active life.

Remember: Lowest Price Does Not Equal Best Value

Do not solely base your selection on lower prices. The grains, fillers, and wheat products cost less than protein ingredients. Thus, a large bag of pet food at the cheapest cost may not be healthiest option for your dog or cat. You need to always read the labels and be certain vital ingredients of protein are contained.

Finding the right cat or dog food is not that difficult if you read labels and thoroughly check the ingredients. To find out more about grain-free products talk to a pet food expert today.

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