How to Help a Rescue Dog Adjust

How to Help a Rescue Dog Adjust

When law enforcement shuts down puppy mills, there is still the task of putting these puppies in shelters and ensuring paperwork properly filed, and pups are ready for adoption. But once this is completed, and you adopted one of these loving puppies, you should take it upon yourself to learn the tools to assist your pup in adjusting to the new, loving home. Learning how to modify to a puppy coming from a puppy mill is a huge start. Here are some tips to help you along the way.

Crate Time is Tricky

Crate time for a puppy coming from a puppy mill is not the same as a pup being adopted under other circumstances. For a puppy raised by a loving breeder does not go the bathroom and sleep in the same location. A puppy will hold it until released to relieve waste. It is a natural instinct of a dog. Thus, if you leave a puppy in the crate until it is time to go outside for the bathroom, then a pup with regular breeding factors will expel properly. However, if you are raise a puppy from a puppy mill, the puppy does not know this to be wanted behavior. A puppy mill pup is used to sleeping, eating and releasing waste in the same area. A puppy mill dog must be taught gently.

In addition, you may not select to keep a puppy mill pup in a crate. It may scare the pup. You may wish to create a room for your pup instead. This may be achieved with baby gates, blankets, newspaper or a few potty pads. Furthermore, keep a puppy crate that is opened in the area. This way the puppy does not see it as a means of punishment or obligation, but rather more of a desirable den.

When rescuing a dog, these are great tips in mind. You need to also be prepared with nutritious, healthy, grain-free dog food and pet treats. It will help your puppy grow up strong, healthy and happy.

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