How to Help Dog Overcome Fear of Riding in Cars

How to Help Dog Overcome Fear of Riding in Cars

Most dogs love riding in cars. They love to look out the window and watch everything pass-by. It is exciting, but there are some dogs with a true fear of riding in cars. Perhaps there was a car accident that occurred or a negative experience causing injury to the dog. For these dogs, it is important to help overcome the anxiety related to vehicles. It would make the summer vacation excursions a pleasant experience rather than a bad one.

Take Your Dog to the Vet

The first step is to make sure there is no medical reason why your dog does not like to ride in a car. Do a thorough examine with an experienced veterinarian. Find out if your dog suffers carsickness, or if your dog has aching joints preventing your dog from jumping in and out of the car. Once you get the okay from the pet doc, it is time to move on to help your dog cope with the car ride.

Start Your Engines, but Stay Put in the Driveway

After the vet’s visit, take your dog with you in the car while it is idle. Do not drive the vehicle anywhere. Just get your dog in the car, turn the engine on, and sit. While this is occurring, feed your dog healthy,grain-free dog treats. The idea is to make your dog associate sitting inside the car with tasty pet treats. If your dog makes the correlation, then your dog will not feel anxious when sitting in the car.

To find out more techniques on how to help ease your dog’s nervousness about riding in a car, talk to a dog professional. He/she will have ideas on what to do, but the best way is to implement positive reinforcement with treats and praise. It works every time!

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