How to Introduce Your Dog to a New Cat

How to Introduce Your Dog to a New Cat

It can be nerve racking to introduce your dog to a new feline addition to the home. The dog and cat may react in a negative manner ruining the bond between the two pets permanently. So here are tips on how to slowly introduce these two animals to each other in a positive manner.

Use Pet Treats to Keep Your Dog Calm

First thing to do is separate your cat in a room by itself. Set up your cat with a litter box, food and water. Then, put up a baby gate at the entrance of the room for this exercise. Once this is completed, grab a handful of pet treats for your dog. Get your dog, walk your dog up to the baby gate and stop. To make sure the dog remains calm use the “stay” command. Your dog will respond positively making your cat feel calm. And when your dog remains perfectly calm, reward your dog with delicious pet treats. Your dog will start to transmit the information regarding remaining calm and being in presence of cat equals 100% meat dog treats.

Now, if your cat tries to jump over the gate, then try to conduct initial introductions in a larger space. The larger space indicates a feeling of comfort for the cat. For it makes the cat feel unforced into the situation allowing the cat room to roam or turn the other way. A cat won’t approach the dog unless the feline is ready. So just let the cat choose the pace, and plan accordingly.

The idea here is to provide a harmonious home for the cat and the dog. Thus, be patient. And guide the two animals through this process.

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