How to Prepare Pet Safety during a Natural Disaster

How to Prepare Pet Safety during a Natural Disaster

It is that time of the year when tropical storms are brewing, flooding occurs, and hurricane season is creeping up on us. And many people start boarding up their homes, gathering water, and mapping out where to stay during such disasters. But what about your pets? Have you arranged where your pets go in case of an emergency? Do you have supplies ready for them? Here are some tips on what to do with your pet when a natural disaster strikes your home.

Formulate Pet Living Arrangements

If your relatives won’t allow your pets to stay with you at their house, then you need to make other arrangements for your pet. You need to find a safe location for your pets to remain until the disaster is over. If you are in a position to stay with your pet, then call hotels outside the area and see if you are able to hold up there with your animal until the storm passes. Another good source is your veterinarian. Ask your vet for a list of animal boarding hotels in the nearest town. Be certain the location is away from the disaster zone, so the facility is not at a threat of being affected. If money is an issue, start asking friends and other pet owners if they mind looking after your pet too.

The key is to make these plans prior to any disaster occurring in your area. Be prepared so you are not scrambling last minute regarding what to do next leaving your pet stranded, alone, in a desolated area without protection, food or water.

This is only one aspect of being a responsible pet owner. You need to do your part. Provide your pet with nutritious, 100% meat pet treats. Also, try to store grain-free pet treat. Thus, if a storm does occur you are able to feel secure in knowing your pet has healthy food available and ready when need-be.

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