How to Teach Your Dog Not to Run After Wildlife

How to Teach Your Dog Not to Run After Wildlife

Unless your dog is trained to round up cattle, there is no reason for your dog to chase wildlife. It could cause your dog more harm than good. For instance, what if your dog chases something into the wild and ignores the surroundings. Your dog could be injured or encounter a skunk. Either way it is not a positive outcome. A way to resolve this issue is to teach your dog how to stay when wild animals come across the same path. It is difficult at first. For a dog’s natural instinct is to chase the animal. But with lots of patience, your dog will be able to “stay” during these moments keeping your dog out of harm’s way.

Use Toys and Treats

When taking your dog out for a walk, bring along tasty pet treats and toys. These will be your incentive for your dog to attain positive behavior during this exercise. Now, once a wildlife animal comes across your dog’s route, call your dog’s name in an upbeat tone. Emphasize excitement and dangle a nutritious dog treat in front of the dog at the same time. Start running in the opposite direction of the animal your dog would normally chase. Once your dog realizes you hold dog treats and/or a favorite toy, then your dog will automatically follow you instead. Once this is completed, repeat this exercise in the exact location. Just be certain your dog is on a 6 foot or longer leash. It provides your dog with the feel of freedom while still keeping your dog protected.

This exercise allows your dog the opportunity to associate not running after wildlife as a behavior that brings forth rewards. Therefore, your dog will digest this task and ignore chasing after wildlife keeping your dog safe and healthy.

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