How to Tell If Your Pet is Destined for Stardom

How to Tell If Your Pet is Destined for Stardom

When friends come over does your pet steal the spotlight from you? Does your pet have what it takes to make it big in Hollywood? Here are some telltale signs to know if your pet is cut out for show business.

Your Pet Exhibits Star Personality

For a pet to reveal star quality is different from what you may initially believe. To evaluate this accurately, ask yourself if your pet is fearless around new environments. Is your pet unfazed by lights and sound? How does your pet react to cameras? If your pet has an even keel personality regardless of surroundings, then your pet is a great candidate for show business. You need to make sure your pet is not bothered by elements and objects found on a stage set. If your pet is afraid of flashing and bright lights, then your pet should not be considered for this industry.

Your Pet has a Distinct Look

If your pet fulfills the personality category, think about the appearance category too. If your pet has a unique look, then it gives your pet the edge over the competition. It provides your pet with the opportunity to audition for a wider spectrum of roles.

Your Pet has Stamina

Additionally, be sure you feed your pet well with nutritious pet treats ensuring your pet maintains a healthy weight and stamina during production days. Provide your pet with pet food that enhances your pet’s immune system. You need to be sure your pet’s mental and fitness level are up to par. If your animal is unable to focus due to not having fun with training techniques prior to reaching Hollywood, then do not force your pet into the business. It is suitable for animals that enjoy the training interaction. For these pets, they view the working experience like a game rather than a job.

If your pet has what it takes to make it in film, acting and commercial arena, then go for it. There are many benefits to the industry, so why not take your pet to the next level. One day your pet could be featured on YouTube, the next day the big screen. Either way it is a great bonding experience for you and your animal.

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