Inside Tips to Running with Your Dog

Inside Tips to Running with Your Dog

If your dog is used to going on walks with you versus running, then you need to retrain your dog during runs. Here is the lowdown on how to run with your dog on a leash successfully with positive reinforcement.

Come Equipped with Pet Treats

When going on walks with my dog, my dog tends to sniff and explore along the way. This is fine for leisurely walks, but I don’t want my dog doing the same thing while running. And my dog isn’t one of those breeds that does not like to run. My dog loves to exercise! It’s a great way to keep my dog healthy all over. But when I first made the transition from walking to running, it took my dog a bit of time to adjust. The best way I found to assist my dog along regarding the focus is to use delicious grain-free pet treats. Here is how it works.

First thing, choose a pace that is comfortable for you and your dog. Once this occurs, start moving along. If your dog slows down to explore losing focus, then shift your dog’s attention by holding up a dog treat. Say your dog’s name, show the dog treat, give your dog a treat, then continue moving. Your dog should understand that the reward comes from continuously moving at a good momentum. Then, once the jog is over, give the dog a treat too. After time, your dog will associate going on jogs with rewards making it a fun experience for both of you.

Fora well-balanced diet choose 100% meat dog treats. It will motivate your dog to exhibit wanted behavior with positive reinforcement.

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