Obtain Positive Behavior by Taking Away Pet Treats

Obtain Positive Behavior by Taking Away Pet Treats

Your dog needs to experience consequences in an effective manner. One way to achieve this goal is to control the timing of the rewards your dog attains. For instance, if your dog does something positive then you provide a delicious pet treat right away. But what if your dog exhibits undesirable behavior, what do you do? The best way to fix the situation is to hold back on the rewards, and eventually your dog will comprehend what is occurring. Let’s take a closer look at this type of training.

Hold Back the Grain-Free Pet Treats

The idea of reserving pet treats for positive rewards only works like this. Your dog does something positive. Immediately afterward, your dog receives a treat and lots of praise. Your dog does the same action again, and the results are exact as before. Then, if your dog displays unwanted behavior, ignore your dog. Do not do anything. Do not offer any praise or treats. Eventually, your dog will only exhibit the positive behavior to attain the rewards.

What you have done is control when you supply the rewards. And, fortunately, your dog understands it. This is how you successfully implement consequences without harm or damaging your dog’s mental or physical state. You solely hold the treats for positive reinforcement only.

Also, do not waste rewards on unworthy prizes. Use 100% meat pet treats. Your dog will definitely be hitting training goals with the right pet treats as an incentive.

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