Pet Food 101: How to Compare Dog Foods

Pet Food 101: How to Compare Dog Foods

There is some debate regarding what kind of diet is best for your dog. Should it solely consist of meat? Should it be prepared by hand? Are wheat, vegetables and non-meat products safe for your dog’s digestive system? There are many questions that arise when you are a conscientious dog owner trying to provide a healthy meal for your dog. Here is a basic rundown of dog food necessities to help you make the right choice for your pet today.

Read Pet Food Labels

Not all dog foods are created equal. One way to check is to read the ingredients listed on the label. A general rule to follow is the first three items listed on the pet treat label contain the most percentage inside the packaging. Thus, if the label lists 100% bison meat, liver and not much else, then you chose a great pet treat. For it is packed with protein and nutrients required for your pet to live a fit life.

Check Out the Moisture Content of Dog Food

Another means to be certain your dog is getting the best nutrients is to check the food itself. Does it appear high in moisture? If it is then you could be paying a costly penny for not enough protein packed food. On average, stay away from moisture packed food. It may contain additional, watered down ingredients and not enough nutrients.

Pets need love, exercise and a well-balanced diet to prosper. These tips will help you keep your dog on the right track.

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