Summer Pet Care Tips-Part 1

Summer Pet Care Tips-Part 1

Summer months are approaching. The weather is getting warmer, and it is time to play in the sun. But how do you keep your pets cool during these hot months? Here are a few tips on how to keep your animals chill even while the outside numerical degrees are on the rise.

Produce or Find Shade

If your pet likes to be outside in the backyard, then plan on creating shaded areas. Plant a tree or two. Plop up a patio umbrella. Provide shade for your pet to sit and cool down while outside. In addition, if you have a dog, find a dog park with plenty of cooling areas. These should be areas filled with shade and available water stations. If not, then I would not visit this dog park. Your dog could become overheated causing fatal injuries.

Do Not Leave Pets in Parked Vehicles

It amazes me how many times you turn on the local news and there is another irresponsible pet owner leaving his/her animal in the car alone. This is a huge no-no. Regardless of the circumstance, never leave your pet inside a parked vehicle alone. Pets are susceptible to heat stroke. You are putting your pets’ health at-risk. Furthermore, it is against the law in certain states. Thus, if you forget this summer rule the state you live-in may be enforcing it. Avoid any negative outcome and do not leave your pet in a parked car.

Provide Your Pet with a Haircut

During the summer, your pet easily becomes overwhelmed from the heat. Therefore, trim down your pet’s hair. On dogs, keep the length short but with enough hair to use as protection from the sun. Ask your local veterinarian if there are sunscreens or protection available for your pet. Excessive heat can cause skin problems in cats. Hence, ask a professional what works best ensuring that this problem does not occur.

Along the same lines as keeping your pet healthy this summer, provide your pet with delicious, nutritious pet treats packed with protein. Try anti-inflammatory pet treats. Every health effort implemented keeps your pets strong and fit. Do your part. Keep your animals in great physical shape throughout the entire summer. Your pet will love you more for it.

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