Summer Vacation with Your Pets

Summer Vacation with Your Pets

Summertime means one thing, summer vacation. So why not pack up the car, gather family members and friends, and head to the closest beach. But what about your pets? How are you supposed to travel without them? Do you leave them behind? Well, don’t leave them home alone. It is not exactly a guilt-free or safe solution. And pet boarding is too expensive and not nearly as fun as the advertisements for such places suggest. So why not bring your pet along? Here are some tips on how to find the ideal vacation getaway for you, your loved ones, and your pets.

Look for Dog Permitting Hotels

When I was planning a California beach vacation, I was pleasantly surprised to find out how many mainstream resort hotels allow dogs on properties. It is just a matter of looking around to find the right one. These resorts offer grassy areas for your dog to walk and roam around without any hassle. Some even offer pet-sitting services. Spend some time doing online research and find the discover the resort suitable for you.

Bring Your Own Pet Treats

Many of these resorts will provide dog treats, dog beds, bowls, and pet toys. However, to make the stay extra comfortable for your pet, take with you pet treats. Pack 100% all-meat pet treats. It is a reminder to your dog that this is a positive experience.

Your pets will have a blast traveling with you. Just remember to be prepared and pack tasty pet treats keeping your canine happy through the entire trip.

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