The Ins and Outs of Dog Exercise

The Ins and Outs of Dog Exercise

Dogs need exercise. They have energy that needs to be expended and if you do not provide your dog with ample exercise then the energy comes out in destructive behavior. This is why some dogs chew and tear up inappropriate objects unsuited for such behavior. But how do you know how much exercise is good for your dog? And if your dog is unmotivated, then what kind of pet treats should you use to coax your dog to accomplish positive physical activity? Here is a basic breakdown of the ins and outs of dog exercise.

How to Start Your Dog on an Exercise Routine? Use Healthy Pet Treats as Motivation!

If your dog is obese, old, has health issues and not used to exercise ease into this good habit. Take your dog out on short walks. If your dog seems timid or reluctant at first, then use delicious pet treats to sway your dog to go. Give your dog a healthy pet treat at the starting position of your walk and upon returning home. Keep it consistent and your dog will look forward to going on walks with you. Just start out for a short duration. Go walking for 10 minutes. Gradually increase the amount of time until your dog is able to walk further.

Your dog needs exercise. It is part of a canine’s make-up. To keep your dog healthy even while rewarding your dog, use grain-free dog treats. It will keep your dog motivated, fit, and provide a well-balanced diet ensuring the new exercise routine will not go to waste.

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