The Secret to Keeping Your Dog Active

The Secret to Keeping Your Dog Active

Your dog loves to play! And playtime is a great way to develop your dog’s mental and physical skills in a positive manner, but choose the right type of games to engage in. Find activities where your dog has the chance to think and be active simultaneously. These types of games can be implemented when you both are home playing together or when you leave your dog solo. It gives your dog the opportunity to remain occupied in a constructive way. Here is one game to start playing with your dog today.

Play ‘Find It’ with Pet Treats

Start by hiding grain-free pet treats throughout the house in easy spots. Perhaps choose a place behind the couch leg or under the table. Then get your dog from another room and say, “Find it.” The first time your dog does this activity, you might point out a treat or two. But once your dog gets the hang of it, discover more difficult places to hide the dog treats. You may also do this activity when you leave the house and your dog has to sit at home alone. It provides your dog with something productive to do rather than sleep or just lay on the couch.

This is only one of many games you would be able to play with your canine where the mental and physical aspects are occupied. Just be sure to use enticing, nutritious, delicious pet treats to keep your dog wanting to play more.

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