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Top Pet Names, a website that connects dog owners with pet sitters, has published its list of the top 10 male and female dog names for 2013, based on their U.S. database of several hundred thousand registered clients.

The most popular male dog name last year was Max, and once again, Bella topped the list for females.

“We know from surveys that dog owners think of their dogs as family members,” said Greg Gottesman, founder of, in an interview with the NBC’s Today show. “Turns out they don’t name them the same. The top 10 dog names, male and female, don’t overlap with the top 10 baby names.” Only one name, Chloe, made both lists.

Most Popular Dog Names of 2013

Males Females
1. Max 1. Bella
2. Charlie 2. Lucy
3. Buddy 3. Bailey
4. Jack 4. Daisy
5. Cooper 5. Lily
6. Rocky 6. Molly
7. Riley 7. Lola
8. Toby 8. Maggie
9. Bear 9. Sadie
10. Harley 10. Chloe

Most Popular Cat Names of 2013

Not to be outdone, VetStreet consulted its database of over 400,000 kittens named during 2013 to compile its own list of most popular kitty names.

Males Females
1. Oliver 1. Bella
2. Max 2. Lucy
3. Tiger 3. Kitty
4. Charlie 4. Luna
5. Simba 5. Chloe
6. Milo 6. Molly
7. Smokey 7. Lily
8. Leo 8. Sophie
9. Jack 9. Nala
10. Kitty 10. Daisy

Of note: the trend toward giving pets human names has resulted in quite a bit of overlap in dog and cat names, which hasn’t been the case in years past.

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