What You Need in the House Before Adopting a Dog

What You Need in the House Before Adopting a Dog

Adopting a new dog is an exciting time for the entire household. You are bringing home a new addition to the family. It is a loving, happy, high-energy time for everyone. But there are a few things to keep in mind ensuring the transition is a positive experience for your pup and the house. Here is a list of items provided as a reminder on how to start your puppy’s first days in the most uplifting manner eliminating anxiety from occurring on everyone’s behalf.

Buy Stain and Odor Remover

Start with buying a stain and/or odor remover. You are going to need it for the accidents that may occur. Bringing a dog into a new location requires an adjustment period. Some dogs are able to adapt quickly, while others take longer.  Being equipped with these products will help you be flexible with the outcome that may occur from potty training.

Purchase Dog Food and Pet Treats

Your dog is going to need food. If it is a puppy you are adopting, then puppy food is suitable for the age range. If you are adopting a full-grown dog, then you have more options regarding the type of food to provide. In addition, buy dog treats. Every dog loves dog treats and it helps with training your canine. Thus, have it on-hand so you may use it as positive reinforcement.

Acquire Dog Toys

Another asset to have present are toys. Toys help in a dog’s mental and physical development. Your dog needs playtime in order to live a healthy life, and toys assist in this occurrence.

Try to gather these items prior to picking up your dog for the first day at home. It will help your pup feel secure and show that you are ready to provide your dog with a solid, loving home.

Just remember, no matter what you are purchasing, including toys and pet treats, read labels. You want to make sure the dog toys are filled with safe materials and the pet treats are healthy alternatives for your pets.

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